Bottlecaps (34) with Covers


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This is a set of 34 bottle caps, each with a different cover on them.

Included is: 
Stoker Ace Logo
Protecting Caroline, Protecting Alabama, Protecting Fiona, Marrying Caroline, Protecting Summer, Protecting Cheyenne, Protecting Jessyka, Protecting Julie, Protecting Melody, Protecting the Future, Protecting Alabama's Kids, Protecting Kiera
Justice for Mackenzie, Justice for Mickie, Justice for Corrie, Justice for Laine, Shelter for Elizabeth, Justice for Boone, Shelter for Adeline, Shelter for Sophie, Justice for Erin, 
Rescuing Rayne, Assisting Aimee, Rescuing Emily, Rescuing Harley, Marrying Emily, Rescuing Kassie, Rescuing Bryn, Rescuing Casey, Rescuing Wendy
Claiming Grace, Claiming Alexis, Claiming Bailey, Stepbrother Virgin

5 "button" magnets (you can get a pack of these at Walmart or any craft store...they stick to the bottle cap without glue! Bonus!) 

*The colors and finishes of some of the bottle caps may vary (i.e. the Stoker Ace logo could be white, blue, black, gold, etc)