• Emergency Car Hammer


    This is an emergency car hammer. The pointy end can be used to smash through a side car window. They're made not NOT easily be broken, so it's extremely important in the case of emergency to have one of these "just in case." 
    On the handle end there is a blade that can be used to cut a seat belt. 
    This can be used if you're the one in the accident, OR if you witness an accident and need to render aid. 

    I've made these as cheap as I can because I believe in the important of them so much. 

    • In car crashes or if an automobile becomes submerged in water, escaping the vehicle can be essential for survival.
    • This tool allows them to break a window and cut their seatbelt to help them exit quickly from danger.
    • Size: 3" x 5-1/4" x 1".