Stickers- Adulting Awards


20 STICKERS! Each one is 2 inches by 2 inches.

Each one depicts an "adulting award" in the style of girl or boy scout badges. 
It's been a tough year, and we should be awarded by doing adult-type things. 

Awards include: 
1. Put Down the Book and Went to Bed
2. Kept on Scrolling
3. Put Pants on
4. Went outside
5. Did Not Say "I told you So!"
6. Read a Susan Stoker Book
7. Put on a bra
8. Avoided confrontation
9. Brushed my Hair
10. Told Someone "I Love you"
11. I Voted!
12. Ate a vegetable
13. Survived a zoom meeting
14. Did not Snap!
15. Stayed Home to Read
16. Did my Laundry
17. Binge Read a Series
18. Showed Kindness
19. Took a Shower
20. Tried a New-to-me Author