A Third Moment in Time - Paperback (Autographed)

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This is for one AUTOGRAPHED 5 x 8 paperback of A Third Moment in Time

It includes five stories by Susan Stoker, including The Bully, Tex Meets Akilah, SEALing his Future, Finding Peyton, & Trusting Willis

The Bully: 
Annie Fletcher has an idyllic life. A step-father who loves her. Siblings who mean the world to her. And a whole slew of overprotective “uncles” who are always there for her. But when a bully at school targets the seventh-grader, Annie’s on her own. But after getting some advice from Truck…it’s game on. **This story was originally included in the Naughty & Nice Aces Press holiday anthology which came out in December of 2021 and is no longer available.

Tex Meets Akilah: Tex was used to watching over military men and women all over the world. But when he got a call about an orphaned Iraqi teenager who is on her way to the States and would be having her arm amputated as soon as she got here…everything except getting to the girl was put on the back burner. Read the story of how Tex and Akilah met and how she captured the Veteran SEAL’s heart without even trying. **This story was originally included in the Naughty & Nice Aces Press holiday anthology which came out in December of 2021 and is no longer available.

SEALing His Future: Two of the most popular of Susan Stoker’s characters meet on a Navy SEAL mission…and one finds out the truth about the woman he thought loved him and was waiting for him to return home safe and sound.  **This story was originally included in the Nightingale Charity Anthology which came out in the summer of 2022 and is no longer available.

Finding Peyton: In the Summer of 2022, I was invited by the amazing Lucy Score to go into her reader group on Facebook and participate in a thing she calls “Tell Me A Story.” And I said yes! ha. I went in one night and posted some polls about the to-be-written story. What the name of the heroine should be, the nickname of the Hero, and other facts. There was also a “wild card” question where her readers could give me all sorts of crazy things that I would have to incorporate into the story. I picked a few and sat down and wrote. This is the story that I came up with. I loosely tied it to my Hawaii SEAL series and of course had to include both Tex and Baker…because…why not? ABOUT THE BOOK:  When Peyton realizes she’s purposely been left in the middle of the ocean to die, she almost panics…until she realizes that the handsome Navy SEAL she’d been ogling earlier on the boat that had ditched them, had been left behind as well.

Trusting Willis: A Brand new novella featuring Gregory Willis…the FBI contact first seen in the Silverstone series.

Since the brutal murder of his wife and daughter, FBI agent Gregory Willis has used every resource in his arsenal to hunt down the worst of humanity. He couldn’t save his loved ones, but he tirelessly prevents as many needless deaths as possible through teams of unsanctioned, off-the-books mercenaries. When he’s finally ordered to take some much-needed time off, he begins to take note of someone much closer to home—his neighbor, Maylah Brant. Especially when he spots her getting out of a taxi, her own vehicle nowhere in sight and the woman clearly injured.

He spends his vacation getting to know his pretty neighbor and tracking down the carjacker who had more than simple theft on his mind—and wants to finish the job. Gregory already lost one woman he loves. He won’t risk losing another.