Eagle Point SAR, Book 4 - Searching for Caryn (Autographed)

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This is for one AUTOGRAPHED 5 x 8 paperback of Searching for Caryn.

Everyone wants to be accepted, but sometimes there’s a price you’re just not willing to pay.

Caryn Buckner’s fondest childhood memories are all from Fallport, where she spent every summer with her beloved grandfather. Now she’s back for an extended visit. Long enough to make sure her grandpa is on the mend after a vicious attack…and maybe figure out the next steps in her life. She’s been a New York firefighter for years, but experiencing blatant sexism in a series of all-male fire stations has worn her down. Maybe things will be different in a small town. Maybe she’ll find acceptance with the local fire crew, perhaps even make a few friends. But after a lifetime of rejection, Caryn knows it’s best not to let her hopes get too high. 

Drew Koopman is happy with the status quo. He’s a member of the Eagle Point Search and Rescue team and is enjoying a sedate second career as an accountant after years as a state trooper. Search missions aside, his days are mostly safe, quiet, and uneventful, which is just the way he likes them. Until a strong, sassy blonde firefighter from New York City turns his world upside down—in a good way. Now he’s considering a different kind of life…one that includes the true partner he’s always wanted but never found, professionally or personally…if he can convince Caryn to stay.

In small-town Fallport, nothing’s a secret for long. Caryn’s plans for the future could have far-reaching repercussions for more than just her and Drew. Not everyone is happy about her return…and it’ll take more than her sexy ex-cop’s keen observation skills to keep her safe.