Eagle Point SAR, Book 7 - Searching for Khloe (Autographed)

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This is for one AUTOGRAPHED 5 x 8 paperback of Searching for Khloe. Glossy cover.

She thought secrets would tear them apart; instead, they brought them together.

Khloe Moore has secrets. She came to Fallport, Virginia, under false pretenses, only intending to stay for a short while. Over a year later, she’s found the town has everything she’s ever wanted, including friends, a supportive community, and a boss she kinda wants to smack—sometimes with her lips, sometimes with her hand. But when Raiden’s beloved dog is in serious medical danger, all of Khloe’s secrets come spilling out when she risks her privacy to save him.

Since leaving the Coast Guard, Raiden Walker has lived a quiet life as the town librarian. But he has secrets of his own. Horrors from his last mission in the military. Torments he endured as a kid. What he does in his basement every Friday night… It’s easier to keep his head down and avoid tight connections, even with the men he spends time with on the Eagle Point Search and Rescue team. His four-legged search partner is his best friend. And when his bloodhound’s life is in peril, the last person he expects to save him is Raid’s equally standoffish library employee.

Khloe and Raiden never thought they’d find the one thing they’d always longed for in each other—a loving partner. They’d sniped at one other for so long, once they stopped trying to hide their true selves, they were blindsided by their connection.

Settling into their newfound relationship is exciting…but hardly smooth sailing. Both have skeletons in their closets that aren’t content to stay put. On top of that, a member of their community is doing his best to discredit them both. They’ll have to fight to build a life together in the small town they consider home. And it will take each and every one of their friends—people only too happy to accept them exactly as they are—to ensure they get their happy ending.

Searching for Khloe is the seventh and final book in the Eagle Point Search & Rescue Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

***Bad things happened to our hero in the past, and even worse, to his loyal canine coworker, so please be aware before reading. Justifiably, something equally horrible happens to his enemy. Which might technically require a warning, but...we think you'll agree that anyone who harms animals deserves to suffer.