Hardcover-Eagle Point SAR, Book 5 - Searching for Finley (Autographed)

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This is for one AUTOGRAPHED 6 x 9 HARDBACK of Searching for Finley. Matte cover, no dust jacket

They've finally found someone who accepts them as they are, but it could all go up in flames in an instant.

Finley Norris is a woman with curves to spare, a fact she made peace with long ago…but she can’t say the same for everyone else. Ridiculed for her size her whole life, it’s easy for her to assume her huge crush on a certain sexy mechanic will remain unrequited. But her friends have other plans, and when one of them pushes the pair together, no one is more surprised than Finley when attraction blooms—fast.

Brock Mabrey’s as blue collar as they come, and he’s got the grease-stained fingers to prove it. He’s been judged for his rough edges for years…especially by women. That doesn’t stop him from crushing on a certain delectable baker, and when the opportunity to know Finley better presents itself, he doesn’t waste a second. She and Brock go from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye, their chemistry off the charts. There’s nothing casual about the lust, love, and protection Finley inspires.

And she’ll need plenty of the latter, because Finley’s seen something she shouldn’t. Someone is desperate to discover what she knows…and determined to silence her permanently.