The Guardian Mist

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Rin Velt and her twin sister Tina have grown up under a curse, just like all the women of their bloodline. They’ve known since childhood that Tina must find her true love before their twenty-fifth birthday to end the curse once and for all. It’s been Rin’s lifelong task to find the family heirloom—a rare and mystical ring—that would aid Tina in her search.

As for Rin’s true love? She’s not the one who must end the curse. And, between her job and her relentless search for the ring, she has no time to look for love anyway.

But what if love is looking for her? 

When Roman Reese appears in Rin’s life, as if straight from her reoccurring dreams, and outside forces threaten to snatch him away from her forever, she learns just how powerful true love can be. 

30,000 words