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    Tracked by Tex WHITE sticker! 

    Size is a little over 7 inches long and a little over 3 inches tall. So it's a not small! 

    If ALL you want is 1-3 of these stickers and NOTHING else, the price for shipping will be cheaper than if you order directly through the store. 
    Price is $5 per sticker, but if you are outside the US, shipping will only be $2. If you are inside the US, shipping will be $1.50. I can mail the stickers in a regular envelope with a regular stamp.

    1 sticker International= $7.00, US=$6.50
    2 stickers International= $12.00, US=$11.50
    3 stickers International= $17.00, US=$16.50
    If this is you and you want these stickers and nothing else, you can send the money to me via Paypal at susan@stokeraces.com and be sure to include your address. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THE STORE ITSELF. Just go to paypal and send me the money.
    I can also end you an invoice if you want. Just email me at the same email as above and let me know.
    **If you'd rather just go through the store, you can...I'll throw in a few extra surprise stickers to compensate for the extra postage. :)

    If you want MORE than 3 stickers, or something else from the store along with the sticker, you'll go through the regular checkout process in the store.